Top Chrome Extensions for Web Development

Here are the must-have Chrome extensions our team of web developers use on the daily:


Pesticide outlines every element on your webpage. By applying this extension, you can clearly see the layout and placement on your current page.

uBlock Origin

uBlock is a content blocker used particularly for CPU and memory efficiency. This is the best tool for enforcing your own content filters.

Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator

This extension inserts dummy text onto your page, so you can easily test and view your website with placeholder data. Inserts include: paragraphs of variable length, titles, dates, email addresses, internet addresses


This extension allows you to identify and inspect web fonts, as well as the services used for serving them. It’s easy to use, small, and doesn’t use many resources.


ColorZilla can give you a color reading from anywhere on your browser. It allows users to easily access, adjust, and paste this color into another program.


This extension is great for measuring the distance between elements on any site. You can easily measure anything in the page using your mouse.


Lightshot allows you to take a customizable screenshot from your browser and upload it to your server. Simple, easy, and lightweight!

Web Developer Checklist

This extension runs you through best practices that should be checked off and completed before publishing your site. It provides an organized checklist, so you can identify any problem areas before publication.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash