Sometimes, you just wanna talk shop.


Top Chrome Extensions for Web Development

We talked to the OT Web Developers about their must-have Chrome extensions. Here’s their list.

What are words for? When no one listens, it’s no use talking at all

So what are words for? Well today I guess they are important even if it doesn’t appear that anyone is listening.

Corporate Creativity vs. Cultural Appropriation

Perhaps if we keep trying to bridge the gap between employer and employee, some of the artists wouldn’t struggle just to survive — they might even start to prosper.

Social Media Marketing and Ethics: Where do we draw the line?

The digital space has challenged ethics in our society. For advertisers and marketers, the battle between right and wrong has put a stigma on our industry since its very beginnings.

Organic Social Media Growth

Believe it or not, it is possible to grow your business simply using organic social media strategies.

The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Website Project Spotlight

In this latest collaboration with the team at YearOne (, our team put together one of the deepest content-driven sites we’ve ever done.

Seeing Red Flags Before It’s Too Late

Usually, just by keeping your eyes and ears open to what the client says early on, you can identify problems ahead of time and create a roadmap to work your way around them, resulting in a final phase of a project that makes everyone happy.

The Year of Living Small

I know, a great deal of you think because most of us at Overtime Media work at home, it hasn’t been a big change for us, but we miss leaving the house to work at the libraries, the coffee shops, and those late afternoon meetings at the local bar.

Connecting With Your Remote Team

With all this experience of being a remote team on our side, how does OT handle remote working, and the challenges that come with it?

Volume9 Digital Project Spotlight

WordPress site for premier digital marketing agency.

Why my mom falls for Facebook ads

Social media advertising has changed the game for marketers. Sometimes even the most seasoned users, about two glasses of wine deep into their evening, will fall for a social media ad.

Want some good marketing data? Look to your website.

Few, if any, business owners invest in a website without expecting some return on their investment, whether those are online sales, client contacts or even just brand recognition.

MyCovidColor Project Spotlight

Shopify site for ecommerce brand.

Surviving The Corporate World as an Artist

This corporate game is not easy to survive, and it’s particularly ruthless on creatives. This is why I think it’s all the more imperative to keep supporting each other – otherwise, we all drown and we’re left in a very boring dystopia.

Wet Noses Project Spotlight

Shopify site for emerging pet food brand.





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