Why my mom falls for Facebook ads

We’ve all gotten those tempting ads on Facebook or Instagram that make us stop scrolling and think about how much money is in our bank account. We’ve also gotten those ads that make us think “did my phone really just listen to my conversation?” Social media ads continue to get smarter, constantly upgrading to feature new and improved ways for marketers to reach the right people, at the right time and with the right message. And they actually work.

Today, businesses must have a social media presence. Period. Your audience is on social media and will continue using social media until the day they die. Millennials are in the real world now, making real money, calling the shots, starting families and contributing to the marketplace. They continue to make up more and more of your consumer base. And…they’ve grown up with the online world growing right beside them. They were the first Instagram users, the ones who made Facebook grow into the chaotic network it is today and the ones who built LinkedIn during their unpaid internship days. Then there’s Gen Z. They’ve grown up with iPads instead of binkies and learned how to unlock mom’s iPhone before they could walk. They post a ridiculous amount of TikToks a day and would be viral if the platform didn’t switch their accounts to private. Social media is not going away. Now is the time to leverage your business, reach your audiences and get on that hashtag grind.

Facebook, in particular, has become the go-to platform for businesses to advertise their product or service. FB ads are cost effective and extremely targeted. You can target audiences using more than just demographics and basic information, but also behaviors and interests. FB can even target ads to users that previously visited a specific URL. The platform allows marketers to send different messages to different types of audiences, which, when done correctly, will deepen the user’s connection to your brand and make them more inclined to purchase. Facebook ads are extremely effective and allow brands to reach real, potential buyers among the clutter of content, fake news and Gen Z TikTok videos.

Social media advertising has changed the game for marketers. It’s a whole new way of reaching potential customers, engaging audiences and telling a brand’s story. It’s a whole new level of temptation for users. And sometimes even the most seasoned users, about two glasses of wine deep into their evening, will fall for a social media ad.